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The Interviews

This page has a full list of our interview participants. Though interview questions are somewhat tailored to each individual, there are four basic areas of inquiry for each interviewee: (1) Conservation Today and (2) Conservation Tomorrow; (3) Changing our Behaviors and (4) Changing our Language.

Teryn Norris is president and founder of Americans for Energy Leadership and a leading advocate for energy innovation policy. Currently completing a public policy degree at Stanford University, Norris has successfully advanced policy at the federal and state level, appeared on national television and radio, and published in NYT Dot Earth, National Journal, Forbes, SF Chronicle, and many others. Teryn formerly served as Senior Advisor and Project Director at the Breakthrough Institute, a leading energy policy think tank, where he founded Breakthrough Generation. You can see his full bio here.

In his interview, the full transcript of which can be found here, Teryn pushes to reframe environmental debates in human terms. We need to think and to frame environmental issues in terms of welfare, and we need to tackle environmental challenges first and foremost through political messaging and organizing. What does that mean? We need less abstract talk about sustainability and more focus on air pollution and national security. Less discussion about a new environmental ethics and more attention to meetings peoples’ needs in new and efficient ways. Ultimately, our solutions will need to take the shape of innovative technologies and forms of production to meet the increasing demands of a global population that demands – and will continue to demand – the basic human goods that we in the West take for granted.

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