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The Overbrook Foundation

The Overbrook Foundation is a progressive family foundation that strives to improve the lives of people by supporting projects that protect human and civil rights, advance the self-sufficiency and well-being of individuals and their communities and conserve the natural environment.

The Foundation’s Environment Program supports organizations working to develop better consumption and production habits in the United States, organizations working to conserve biodiversity in Latin America and, in special cases, Central America, with an emphasis on Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador. The Environment Program is especially interested in innovative ways of approaching environmental problems. Overbrook looks for new solutions to long existing problems and seeks out organizations that possess a spirit of innovation. The Foundation is especially aware of risk taking, and supports groups that are unafraid of generating new ideas and visions when their existing programs do not adequately create the desired solutions.

Overbrook’s Human Rights Program is committed domestically to growing the emerging U.S. human rights movement, advancing gender rights by supporting both the reproductive justice community and the movement for LGBT equality and protecting the centrality of media in the democratic process. Internationally, the Human Rights Program seeks to support organizations in Latin America whose missions are to advance the movement for gender rights and/or to protect human rights defenders (activists working on the ground to advance the rights of individuals and groups often under attack from unsympathetic governments and/or predatory business interests.)

For a more detailed description and history of the Foundation, its Environment and Human Rights Programs, a list of grantees and staff contact information, visit

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